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Cranio-Hands, Craniosacral therapy
Jill 1318242808

I have visited them several times. I found the manner perfectly professional and treatment excellent! Highly recommend.
Chris Reynolds Osteopathy & Physiotherapy
Linda 1318242214

An excellent team, with a fine understanding of body mechanism, first class in all areas.They have helped me to recover from a serious and painful injury.Thank you!
Simply Wholistic
Kiera 1317909650

After several chakra balancing procedures I felt better than I have in my entire life. I highly recommend the services of Simply Wholistic because they really help you reduce your stress level!
Derek Osborn
Jil 1317715177

I am considering the option to start attending some Yoga classes and I think that Derek Osborn is the right choice, because my mom feels great and recommends me all the time the good effect!:)She asked me to write a recommendation for him!
Nature Palace
Dereg 1317629653

Very soothing and comfortable environment and was quickly put at ease by the very professional and friendly therapist. I hadn't realized just how tense and lacking in energy I had been until I had my massage... I went home feeling both relaxed and revitalized. I will definitely return there!
Barbican Therapy Centre
Sally 1317283915

I love this centre, the atmosphere is good and the staff is professional! I agree with Ali the hot stone massage is the best relaxing experience!
Hypnotic Relief
S.H. 1317106396

I had a depression, that was so long and terrible that I was thinking it will never pass! When I tried going to Hypnotic Relief i did not have great expectations, but now I am finally the person I was before the depression! Strongly recommend it!
Graeme Moss
Leona 1317044685

I have received really excellent care and I have felt much more energetic and stronger after just few visits there.Highly recommend!
Oxford Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic
Diane 1317024224

Have helped me a lot to recover from a serious sport injury! The pain was reduced in really short terms. I am really pleased with the service and the results. Highly recommend!
Esoteric Therapy
Jessie 1316435335

Excellent service and very professional, very relaxed atmosphere as soon as you enter. I really feel totally reborn after a visit there. Would highly recommend.
Reiki Relaxation Days
Sophie 1316429975

I feel really refreshed and relaxed after a visit there. Highly recommend you visiting!
Rose Holistic Therapies and Training
Joseph 1316073749

I never believed in alternative medicine much, but going to the Rose Holistic Therapies changed my mind. Their Reiki therapy is the best. I highly recommend it.
Nicole 1315913654

I do not suffer from any kind of sickness, but need from time to time to relax my muscles and the place where I can receive a really good massage and relaxation is KnotStressed! I recommended to all tired moms like me!
Reiki and Angels
Helen 1315578844

Their healing techniques are unparalleled! I had a tremendous experience Reiki and Angels and can't wait to go on another session!
Le Masseur Personnel
Jenny 1315484457

Your detox massage is the ultimate relaxing experience. I have been only once but it is enough to prove that your services are great and prices - reasonable! Thanks!
Focused Hypnosis
Valerie 1315478640

At first, I didn't believe in hypnotherapy but when I went several times in Focused Hypnosis, I started noticing the results. Now I look better and I feel better about myself, thank you!
Just Aromatherapy
Eva 1315385291

This is the thing I can not live without now! Aromatherapy is wonderful both for my body and spirit, makes me feel so relaxed and the same time refreshed! Everybody must try !
Earth Energies Holistic Health Centre
Dolores 1315223136

I have been going to Earth Energies Holistic Health Center for some time now and receive numerous treatments which always leave me relaxed and rejuvenated. All have been carried out by a highly skilled and professional individuals. Thank you.
Tao Yin Corrective Medicine
Jim 1314964407

I am always too busy and I used to postpone my health care procedures, til I found Tao Yin Corrective Medicine - I receive the treatment at home and the results are getting better and better! I really think that all the people should manage to take care of their health and when they lose no time for that - what more!
Joyful Heart Health
Polly 1314196182

Very effective and natural way to improve health and quality of living. I could feel the changes soon after I started using Joyful Heart Health's products! Can't thank them enough!

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