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Street view image of Energy Healer - Manor House, Main Street, Aslockton, Aslockton Station, NG13 9AL
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Manor House, Main Street, Aslockton
Aslockton Station, NG13 9AL
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Hi, my name is Richard and I have been practicing as an NFSH Healing Trust healer for nearly 15 years.

Energy Healing, sometimes referred to as Spiritual Healing, is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - body, mind and spirit. The belief is that the healer channels energy into your body and it goes to wherever it is needed most.

The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical. Healing balances the body's natural energy systems promoting a sense of relaxation, releasing tensions, and stimulating self-healing. Many people who visit a healer because they are in physical pain find the effects to be profound. The experience of deep relaxation and connection with the universe often triggers a feeling of inner peace. Improved sleep, reduced pain, increased energy and a sense of calm are all regularly reported results after receiving energy healing.

The treatment is non-invasive with the healer working hands away from the patient's body for the majority of the session. The patient is usually seated and always fully clothed. For severe physical discomfort many patients feel additional benefit from a gentle 'hands-on' approach. This will only occur after discussion with the healer and permission has been given.
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Some recent testimonials from clients:

Having received healing from Richard on two occasions recently, I am very happy to find such improvement in a short time. A trip over paving stones years ago had given me tri-geminal neuralgia which stopped my career, hobies and social life for years and it has been impossible to find relief anywhere.
Now it is magic to feel so strong and pain free
Elizabeth from Chesterfield

I cant speak highly enough of my experience of energy healing with Richard. He has an ability to make you feel at ease and demonstrates such passion and confidence in his healing abilities which is inspiring. The sessions were relaxed, thought provoking and therapeutic. After receiving these sessions for pain caused as the result of a serious leg injury I was able to stop taking all pain killers. I also feel Richard helped a great deal with my state of mind over this different period in my life.
Charlotte from Reading

Richard is a naturally gifted healer with a wonderful calming presence. His intuitive knowing and empathic abilities create a profound space for healing and aligning my energy. I always leave our sessions feeling rejuvenated and balanced. I can highly recommend a healing session with Richard.
Joy from Nottingham

I sought energy healing to help me cope with challenges in my personal life and could not have anticipated the depth of the changes Richard effected. Within days of my first session I felt a marked improvement in my mood and general sense of well being, swiftly followed by an enormous surge in confidence, which has been maintained. Richard is extremely kind and empathetic and quickly established a bond of trust, whilst the healing session was both cathartic and profoundly relaxing. I would recommend Energy Healing without reservation
Emily from Nottingham
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Richard did miracles with a long term back pain I had. I could feel a relief after the first session! I recommend him to all my friends!

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